Pursuing Him

Inspired Christian Living

Dot Turner

Psalm 63:1 O God, You are my God; early will I seek you. My soul thirsts for You.

I am honoured that you have chosen to visit us at Pursuing Him. What you will find here is inspirational material that I trust will be a great encouragement to you. Messages in print and audio that will help fan the flame of your desire to know God more, so that with a longing heart, you will pursue Him more purposefully and passionately. The desire we sense of wanting to know God more is a response to His love reaching out to us. We may not know it, but this is what our hearts yearn for, and how He draws us closer to Himself.

If you are in need of healing in any area of your life, desire to hear God's voice with greater clarity, or wish to learn more in the area of prophecy or prophetic prayer, you will find teaching on these topics here. If you struggle with fear as I once did, there are resources here to assist you to grow in the knowledge of God's love for you, so you will be strengthened in your faith, and be able to shut the door on fear. When our thoughts and words line up with God's we will have a new expectation of His blessings to fill our lives each day.

Since an early age it has been my passion to know Christ intimately. He is the centre of my world. He is my everything! First and foremost, I simply and wholeheartedly love Jesus and desire to honor Him in all I do. My teaching has grown out of my walk with Him, precious time spent in His presence, and the years I have been privileged to share His life and love with others, teaching and ministering His word.

The purpose of this website is to equip and enable all who visit it to be blessed and encouraged, to experience God's presence in a greater way, and know the joy of an intimate relationship with Him. My desire is to share Christ with you, and to encourage hope in your heart, so you know that He is not only able but willing and eager to meet your every need!